8 in Ideal Quilt Guide

8 in Ideal Quilt Guide

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8 in Ideal Quilt Guide

This Ideal Quilt Guide is 8inLx2in in width and made out of 1/4in acrylic. It has laser etched 1/4in around the perimeter. It offers 45 and 60 degree angles on either end and has a 3/4in line going all the way across. It sticks to the fabric and eliminates slippage! The reviews are amazingly positive with some of the hottest quilters in the world giving high praise to this simple but awsome guide. It makes straight-line quilting effortless. Ideal Quilt Guide is going to get linty PERIOD. Simply take it to the sink and spray a multi- surface cleaner(Fantastic brand works best) and gently rub into lint. Soon te lint will start to ball up and the rubber will feel slick. Rinse with warm water and use you fingers to squeegee it dry then let it air dry completly and you are ready to go! Sew Very Smooth