DIY Handlettering

DIY Handlettering

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DIY Handlettering

From Monogrammed Pillows to Personalized Stationary - 25 Handcrafted, Handlettered Projects You Can Make! Features step-by-step instructions for drawing original custom fonts and creating 25 one-of-a-kind handlettering projects. From throw pillows to thank-you cards, readers can use handlettering to add a punch of creativity and personality to any item. Handlettering has taken over the ad campaigns of companies such as Calvin Klein, IBM, Microsoft, and Anthropologie. Find things in here like: Spelled-out Pillows, Elegant Holiday Place cards, Monogrammed Mugs, Handlettered Picture Frames, Vintage Cocktail Party Invitations, Rock Garden Markers. Paperback, 192 pages. F + W Media