Home Sewn Home Booklet

Home Sewn Home Booklet

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Home Sewn Home Booklet

There is something extra special about the things that we have taken the time to make by hand, carefully stitching them with patience and originality. And with modern life having taken a nostalgic twist, many of us have been left wishing we had paid more attention when our grannies offered to teach us how to knit, crochet, embroider and sew. But take heart, it is never too late to learn. Home Sewn Home teaches you how to make a variety of practical handmade items to really make your house a home. This booklet includes 12 simple sewing projects suitable for beginners, along with a tools and techniques section, carefully outlining the fundamental skills and equipment required, as well as offering advice on how to source the right materials to achieve an authentic vintage feel. The projects reflect the key areas of the home, the living room, kitchen and utility, bedroom, bathroom, and together they provide a delightful mix of items that the whole family can enjoy. Projects include: Cushion, Doorstop, Laundry bag, Travel shoe bag, Pretty, apron, Padded coat hanger and Storage box. Pamphlet, 48 Pages. Author: Sally Walton.Taunton press