Supersize 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge CS

Supersize 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge CS

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Supersize 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge by Clover Needlecraft Inc.

 It's called the 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge and it is the "Swiss Army Knife" of sewing tools. Application after application, the list is almost endless. This is a true multifunctional sewing tool that belongs close at hand in every sewing room. Discover your its capabilities and your own uses as you become familiar with the tool. Flawlessly measure hemlines. The moving cursor locks into place at 1/8" intervals up to 6". Measure from the top of the 'T' to the top of the locking cursor for perfect hems, every time. Mark seam allowances. The 5-in-1 has convenient markings for standard seam allowances or set your own. Create perfect circles or arcs. The right side of the gauge is marked in inches from 0 at the pivot point up to 6" at the top. Hold the pivot point with Clover's awl and insert a marking pin into the locking cursor set at the desired radius and swing for a perfect arc or circle. The 'T- Square' feature of the 5-in-1 Sliding Gauge allows you to measure both length and width at the same time. You can also use it to set perfect right angles in any sewing project requiring square placement. Space, place, and size button holes. Use the space between the top of the gauge to the top of the cursor to measure the length of your button holes. The same feature can be used to transfer the distances between button holes from a pattern to your garment or you can make custom settings as suits your design.