Pre-Wound Polyester Bobbins CS

Pre-Wound Polyester Bobbins CS


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Product Description

Fil-Tec Clear-Glide 60 wt Pre-Wound Polyester Bobbins – These great new Continuous Polyester Filament Thread pre-wound bobbins are available in 12 great colors. Each set of  bobbins come packed in a handy clear plastic tube for tangle free storage. Bobbins available are available in both “L” and “15 Class” size. Class L bobbins have 10 (ten) bobbins per tube while Class 15 contains 8 (eight) bobbins per tube.  Features 100% high-tenacity polyester filament. Class L bobbins feature 130 yards per bobbin while Class 15 bobbins feature 138 usable yards of thread per bobbin.  Works great with machine thread sensors. Ideal for embroidery!