Fully Adjustable Embroidery Scissor Set

Fully Adjustable Embroidery Scissor Set

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Product Description

As I get older my fingers just do not work like they used to. This is why I am so grateful that we discovered this very unique scissor as it comes with an adjustable pivot  to set the blade tension. This adjustable tension allows you to loosen or tighten the two scissor blades depending on your personal preference. You can tighten up the blades depending on the material you are using or loosen it. It allows you to have the proper cutting tension for the project you are working on. I never knew there was a title for a person with cutting skills, but according to most master cutters, they will recommend scissors with adjustable tension as they state “Loosening the tension slightly makes cutting easier, less tiring & gives you more control”  so it is an amazing feature on a scissors to have the remarkable precision the adjustment of cutting tension allows.  This great set comes with two sizes 4 1/2" & 5"  to fit your every need.  Both have with  larger handles to accommodate larger fingers with comfort.  Made of high quality German Stainless Steel and carry a limited lifetime guarantee.