Hugo's Amazing Tape 2 INCH CS

Hugo's Amazing Tape 2 INCH CS


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Hugo's Amazing Tape 2 in x 50 ft

The son of a printer, Hugo Maisnik, grew up being an inventor. After a happy accident at the print shop one day Hugo turned a plastic spill into a delightful, magical whoopsie into an amazing tape that allowed you to stretch, wrap and pull holding almost anything together with ease. From that vision Hugo's Amazing Tape was born! A no adhesive, self-clinging transparent tape that you can use for almost anything from arts and crafts for wrapping around spools of thread to jumbling cable cords for household use. Hugo's is sure to help make your life more organized and keep it simple! Size:50 ft Roll x 2" Wide.  To use, Cut to Length  Generously measure long enough to wrap around your items at least one 1/2 times.  Stretch & Overlap  Tighten tape around items producing light tension. Press Together  Flatten all overlapping tape to itself, smoothing it together. Care Instructions: Hugo's Amazing Tape needs to be free of dust and lint to adhere to itself. Simply rinse Hugo's with clear water to restore maximum bonding.Superior Threads

  • Self-adhesive non-sticky tape. Sticks to itself, not your stuff!
  • Hundreds of uses!
  • Can be reused over and over
  • Can be used for cord management, storing craft supplies, games and more
  • Especially wonderful to keep thread spools from unraveling!