Zippity Do Done Cosmetic Bags CS

Zippity Do Done Cosmetic Bags CS

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Zippity Do Done Cosmetic Bags

Zippity Do Done Cosmetic Bags are the perfect project for anyone looking to spice up their make-up bag. Designed to work with 2 1/2" strips and 5" charms, simply attach fabric to batting and piece-by-number to create fun cosmetic bags. Includes pre-printed 80/20 cotton/poly blend batting and two zipper casings. Makes one large and one small Cosmetic bags. You provide your own fabrics.  Choose your zipper color.  Made in the USA. June Tailor Inc June Tailor combines their signature sew-by-number Quilt As You Go printed batting patterns with their new Zippity-Do-Done, zipper and casing all in one, to create this great cosmetic bag kit. See how easy it is to stitch up these versatile bags and add the zippers without needing a zipper foot.

Finished sizes:
Small - 3" x 5" x 9"
Large - 4" x 9" x 12"