FriXion Colorsticks Big Assortment CS

FriXion Colorsticks Big Assortment CS

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FriXion Colorsticks Assorted 48pc

The latest innovation in marker pens lets you express yourself flawlessly and in color! Durable bold point. Vibrant erasable ink that won't bleed through paper. Unique thermo-sensitive ink that disappears with erasing friction. Includes 5 each of black, blue, red, green, purple, salmon, magnenta and navy, 4 each of grey and orange.  Always test on your fabric as this is the great  Frixion’s unique thermo-sensitive ink which will disappear on most fabric with a burst of steam.  (markings can show up again in freezing conditions).  Frixion Gel Pens

  • PILOT FRIXION ERASABLE GEL PENS combine the convenience of a pen with the incredible FriXion erasable gel ink. Erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents - Eraser is at the top of the pen cap.
  • YOUR EVERYDAY ERASABLE GEL PEN: Complete Sudoku and crossword puzzles without a mistake or a hole in the paper. Life's hectic, keep calendars neat, even when appointments change. Students can use FriXion to take notes, edit papers, and complete homework.
  • ORGANIZE AND DESIGN: With Pilot Pens you can do it all. We see your creative side; you should let it out! Bullet points don't only have to be plain black with our pens. You can dot to dot that paper with your favorite kinds of pens in your favorite colors.