Your Nest Organizer CS

Your Nest Organizer CS

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Your Nest Organizer 

Your Nest Organizer keeps stuff handy in your craft room, on your desk, or anywhere in your home or office. Store favorite tools like rulers (any size!), patterns, envelopes in th e stand-up peg area. Place your rotary cutter , glasses, cell phone, and larger objects in the scoop . And put your pointy stuff like scissors, pens, pencils, flash drive in the spaces up front. 4-1/2in x 4-1/2in x 1-1/2in.  NOTE:  Does not include accessories.  Pudgie Parrort
Hummingbird Green PPYN-103
Bluebird Blue PPYN-105
Cardinal Red PPYN-106
Flamingo Pink PPYN-102
Purple Martin PPYN-101
Peacock Blue PPYN-104
Black Raven PPYN-107