Fusi-Bond Lite Pack CS

Fusi-Bond Lite Pack CS

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Product Description


Fusi-Bond Lite Fusible Adhesive Web Interfacing

Our popular Fusi-Bond Lite paper-backed adhesive web. Size 17in x 1.25yds. Create a strong bond between layers of fabric without adding weight or stiffness to a project. Once applied, Fusi-Bond is easy to sew, making it ideal for multi-layer appliques in quilting, home decor, and wearables. It is coated with a uniform, sprayed adhesive for a wrinkle-free application. Lazy Girl Designs

 Pre-wash fabrics without using fabric softeners to remove sizing.
Trace a mirror image of the design on the paper side of Fusi-Bond.
Place the adhesive side on the wrong side of the fabric.
Press with iron set to medium, no steam, for 2 seconds. Allow to cool.
Cut design from newly fused fabric. Peel away the paper backing.
Place design, adhesive side down, on top of project. For cotton fabrics, press and hold iron for 4-6 seconds. For thicker fabrics, press an additional 2 seconds.
Allow to cool. Hand or machine sew along the edges.

Care Instructions:
Sewable and Machine Washable